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Music Mayhem is the space for the tangible music moments missing for our children
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Remember running your hand along the spine of a record/CD, making a conscious choice to listen and feel the music you needed to be with? When you were so obsessed with an album that you would pour over its booklet learning every detail possible?

Music simply doesn’t fill our houses like it used to. Our kids don’t have music accessible to them like we did.

Our Mission

Music Mayhem will ignite the love for music that burns for us. We will expose your rockers to different genres of music, let them beat to their own drum and have true musical moments that will inspire them to escape in all that music is.

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rocK out moments

Littlest Rockers
Little Rockers Big Rockers Solo

You won’t hear a nursery rhyme here. These Jam sessions are all about exploring sound, movement, rhythm and intuition. We want to be expressive and we want it to be LOUD!

Parent/Carer participation required.

10 months - 4 years

45 mins

$20 // per class (Drop In)

$15 // per class with a 10x Class Pass

For your rockers who love music but love it all too much to choose just one instrument.

In these workshops rockers will explore multiple instruments, learn technique, create and build musical moments with a knowledge of rhythm and sounds.

4 - 9 years


$30// per class + booking fee

Term Enrolment

Therapy Rockers
Instrument Rockers Solo

Sessions are Rocker lead dependent on the day. They will have the entire studio to themselves to either explore as as they wish or engage in directed learning through games and play, or a combination of both. Each session is tailored to the individual by getting to know their interests beyond just musical interests.

Through interests we can help build knowledge, confidence, communication and other capacity support for daily living beyond just music.

Sessions are open to private and NDIS Rockers..

Music mayhem for Rockers will be able to invoice you as a support service for capacity building if this is within your NDIS plan.

All ages

30min, 45mins or 60min

$1 per minute + booking fee

Term Enrolment

We would love to be a part of your musical journey in whatever capacity. We are open to the following ideas:

Drum tuition, vocal tuition, songwriting, band mentoring, studio/audio production, digital music,, performance coaching, brand/identity development and mentoring.

We like all hours, including weekends.

Email us - hello@musicmayhemrockers.com

Who Is Music Mayhem?

We are parents! Parents who LOVE music!

We are real deal industry veterans with decades of experience across all aspects of music.

And quite simply we believe in the power of music!

What happens in our community is important to us. We plan to focus on regional areas where arts and culture isn’t right on our door step. There is so much talent out there to nurture and we are here for it. Let's give our rockers all the confidence to achieve their dreams.

We are inclusive, open, and socially responsible. We are a safe place and we welcome and celebrate diversity amongst us.

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Phil Tucker Rock Out Leader

Phil has years and years of experience rocking out as the drummer of ARIA nominated band Alpine, music maker of Music Valium, and composer of film scores and podcast themes. Phil has a Bachelor in Music (Interactive Composition) Melbourne Conservatory of Music, University Melbourne. He loves teaching music and production and basically lives and breathes only music.

Phil is super engaging (the Dad at the park all the kids follow around) and has developed a hands on curriculum for Music Mayhem. Rockers are going to love him.

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Holly Russell Creative Director

Holly’s experience hails across many industries within the arts. From music festivals, to international pop stars, red carpets, record labels, recording studios and fashion houses; Holly’s been amongst it all. Holly has a huge passion for music and thinking outside the box.

The Music Mayhem Vision has long been in her thinking and she is thrilled to bring it to life.

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Naomi Laing Business Brains

Naomi, or Miss Naomi as commonly known, is the founder and director of the renowned and very much loved home of dance, Studio Phoenix.

Naomi has nurtured many of our community's talented kids through performance and movement. Literally one of the nicest people you will meet, Naomi is also a kickarse biz babe. She has a tonne of knowledge to grow and lead our business on a long and successful journey both in our community and beyond.





Limited Availability

Therapy Rockers

from 4 pm WONTHAGGI


Littlest Rockers



Limited Availability

Therapy Rockers

from 4 pm WONTHAGGI


Limited Availability

Solo Rockers

9am -2pm



Will my baby really enjoy the sessions?

YES. We love to watch your babes crawl around, be drawn to particular sounds, and make conscious choices to participate in their own way. We don’t care if the eat the egg shaker, or drool on the drums. These sessions are about involvement, and providing those foundational moments to explore sounds they wouldn't usually experience. Not to mention the idea of modelling the doings of the bigger kids.

Do I need to book the drop in classes?

No, we know how hard it is to get out of the house some times. And we love out of towners too. If you have family visiting and you think they might like to rock out with us, bring them along on the day, no problem.

Do I need to bring my own instruments?

No, we’ve got you covered.

What if my little rocker has no musical experience?

We strongly believe that anyone can play music. We encourage rockers of all musical levels to come along and enjoy music for what it should be, FUN!

What do classes consist of?

All of our Rock Out Moments are designed to stimulate musical, social and emotional intelligence and creativity through sensory, play-based learning and music engagement.

Is parent participation required?

For our Littlest Rockers (10 months to 4 years) yes, it is important for at least one parent/carer to attend. Positive relationships can be built through engagement in music, therefore we highly recommend that for our Littlest Rockers, parents/guardians rock out too!

Little Rockers (5 to 10 years) and above, parents/carer are NOT required to attend.

Are the classes sensory friendly?

Yes, all of our Music Moments are designed for multi-sensory stimulation including, aural, visual, touch and feel.

My child is neurodivergent. Will the classes be a safe space for them?

Some of the greatest musicians who have ever graced the stage have been neurodivergent. Justin Timberlake, will.i.am, and Billie Eilish to name a few. We understand that many of our rockers may also have some degree of neurodivergence, and we celebrate that. While we are not professionally trained in understanding the the full scope of neurodivergency, we are parents of neurodivergent kids as well as being neurodivergent ourselves.

Can we pay as we go?

To best support what we do here at Music Mayhem, our rock out sessions are billed by the term or as a.10 x class pass. We understand that some times this can be challenging and we are happy to discuss individual payment options if required.

We do allow drop in session's for Littlest Rockers as we understand getting out the door some days is just "too hard basket".

Can we purchase musical items used in the classes?

Watch this space. We are planning on developing an online store where our Rockers can get their hands on their very own instruments and equipment to play at home, really loud for the entire neighbourhood to enjoy.

Can siblings attend classes?

Yes absolutely. For our Littlest Rockers, if there is more than one sibling in the same class we will offer 50% discount for additional siblings.

How many parents/care givers can attend with my littlest rocker(s)?

You can bring your crew. Maybe not the whole crew, but absolutely bring a few. Music made together is a powerful memory and an excellent way to establish trust and love.

We do suggest having one adult per rocker if possible.

If my little rocker/s misses a class, will they need to catch up?

No that’s cool, our classes are about exploring music in the moment. There are no tests, no expectations to tick boxes and no deadlines. Our classes are for fun!

We will always revise what we did in prior classes. No one will be left behind. And where we can, we will send across the activities your child missed and they can try them at home with their families.

Are the classes supported by NDIS?

At this stage we are not set up for direct NDIS support. However, if you are self managed you can try claiming these sessions under community engagement.

Does Music Mayhem follow sustainable practices?

We care very much about the environment. We do our best to find music in the things we already have access too. Spoons, pots, pans, hands, feet… When we do need to find new things we do our best to use secondhand options, or repurpose from items we have.

We wont hand out piles of paper worksheets either.

Can we reach you by phone?

We are all parents doing the work from home juggle and often have screaming kids at our feet. We love a chat but rarely get to have one we can actually hear. LOL.

If you shoot us an email, we will find some quiet time and get back to you within 48 hours. Promise!

For general chat you can reach us at hello@musicmayhemrockers.com

For enrolment chat you can reach us at enrolments@musicmayhemrockers.com



Music Mayhem For Rockers Pty Ltd

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